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Thursday, June 18, 2009


Who is this Cintra Wilson person? Well, I know who she is. She's the Critical Shopper who writes for the New York Times Styles section. And she makes me laugh every time she critiques some snooty boutique in Brooklyn. I mean, who calls her book editor her book editrix? Cintra Wilson.

Today she's fondly describing a (probably very very expensive) blouse she owns: "I have repaired the underarms in the sweater so many times it has the love-punishment look of the blanky I slept with until age 9."

Chances are I'll never darken the door of said boutique, and I'm not even tempted by a pair of $1400 shoes that "have the tragic look of something you would find in the net of a police boat, until you look closely." But I sure do love reading about them.

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