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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What to Read Now?

All you need is the latest issue of Newsweek. Talk about a list! 50 books. I'm not telling how many I've read but I'll keep the list handy because there are quite a few I've wanted to read.

Then there's another list! Best Books Ever, divided into categories. Hmm. A tad random. Chosen by writer/ quasi-celebrities. Sort of. Still, intriguing.

I'd almost let my subscription lapse and now I'd glad I didn't. My cover pictures a book, a real one, and the simple words What To Read Now. Oh, and those are book spines in the background, I do believe. Nice.

Speaking of covers, I loved the feature My Favorite Covers. These are really good. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time. Yep, I agree. Twilight- another winner of a book jacket. There are five others pictured. Especially good- a book I haven't read and don't even remember seeing, but very cool: The Smartest Kid on Earth. I think you need to buy the magazine to see them though.

Oh and I forgot! The interviews with writers, including Elizabeth Stout, Lawrence Block, Susan Orlean. And I think there's a podcast you can download. Too many riches!

Don't be misled by the picture of Michael Jackson on the cover. Two covers for this issue. One for subscribers (the book thing), the other for the newsstand (Jackson). Both go with the July 13th issue.

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