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Friday, February 12, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Where do you consider home? I've lived in 11 places in my life, unless I missed one or two (OK, I'm counting college and a few Navy deployments with my husband- so what, I lived there) but the only one I really mean when I say "going home" now is the Mississippi Delta.

I won't bother telling you where it is. You either know or you sure can figure it out. It's been called a lot of things. Some not worth repeating in polite company. One merited its own book title: The Most Southern Place on Earth.

I grew up knowing about cotton, mosquitoes, not smoking while standing up, high school football, food (especially barbeque, finger sandwiches, Cokes, caramel cake, beer.. OK, I'll stop now), and a whole bunch of other stuff I've probably forgotten and never needed to know. But it was an interesting place to grow up for many reasons, good and bad.

(For all you Yankees reading this? Cotton in bloom- Ready for picking, late summer/ early fall.)

Click on over to this Delta blogger, photographer Kallie Dreher, to see some really fabulous pictures and read what she just introduced me to: CULTURALLY INTENSE. That says it all about the Delta.

Her pictures are for sale and, although copyrighted, she's kindly allowed me to share a couple here.

I didn't grow up in Good Grief. My little town had a few more than 7 people, 5 dogs and probably even more than 4 grouchy old men.

But the Delta was home and I still love it.


Anonymous said...

Where's the Like button! Steve is reading and oohing and ahhing at the caramel cake piece.. he's never had!
(he also wants to know what "not smoking while standing up" is all about??? we both clearly enjoyed from the Cayman's! - me

Joyce Moyer Hostetter said...

Okay the history love in me really enjoyed Hello Delta.

And I understand that feeling about home. I have a whole list too. Maybe we should start a blog meme about the cultures that shaped us.

Or it could be a Facebook note. Hmmmm wonder when I'll stop long enough to do that.

We have snow today. What about you? I forget what part of FL you are in.

Augusta Scattergood said...

Polite, well brought-up young Southern ladies never smoked while standing up or especially walking... It was a rule.
I even noticed that one of the characters in THE HELP made that statement. It was just one of those silly things that you don't forget.

And yes, Joyce, the cultures that shaped us. We could write a few words on that, I'm sure!