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Friday, May 14, 2010

The Art of Racing in the Rain

I don't know what I thought this book was about when I picked it up. Months ago, a friend-- an avid reader and fellow dog-lover-- said I must read it. (Thank you, Pat.) So I bought it, wrapped it up for Christmas, and passed it to my husband. He loved it.

But still, a book told from the POV of a dog, about car racing? Please. It continued to wait on my bookshelf.

Last weekend as I was about to face a long plane ride with no book, I panicked. My airplane books must be paperback and light. Kind of like the way I travel. I grabbed THE ART OF RACING IN THE RAIN just moments before I zipped my carry-on shut. And am I ever glad I read this one.

The book is a family story, a meditation on all things good, a funny laugh, a warm glass of milk. It made me cry (which is so embarrassing on a middle seat) and it made me smile a lot.

Here's just one small quote, among many, that I love. This one appeals to the writer in me, possibly his only musing on that topic.

Enzo the dog, talking:

I loved it when he talked to me like that. Dragging out the drama. Ratcheting up the anticipation. I've always found great pleasure in the narrative tease. But then, I'm a dramatist. For me, a good story is all about setting up expectations and delivering on them in an exciting and surprising way.

Put this one on your list, dog lover or not. Great book. And not just a Great Airplane Book.

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Anonymous said...

I loved The Art of Racing in the Rain. The final scene was the image I held onto when my Ben died in March. Katie's comment was that he was finally off leash.