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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Sky is Everywhere

I've already gone on enough about how much I liked this young adult novel. I especially like when a book surprises me like this one did. So I won't add much to my previous post, except that there's a terrific interview with Jandy Nelson up over at the Tollbooth blog. There are 4 parts, 4 different blog postings. Be sure to scroll through and read them all.

A few things she said will stick with me today as I talk writing with my smart, original, amazing critique group.

Here's a bit of that interview, with Jandy, quoting a book I plan to check out very soon
(And I'm thinking what he says about voice might just hold true for a few other Life Things!):

Obviously not because I wrote it quickly, but because I wrote it like I was talking to myself or a friend and it never occurred to me that voice is just that—who you are but on the page, and so it is who your character is too, right? It’s so simple! That floored me! There’s this fantastic and very helpful and inspiring quote about this by Les Edgerton who wrote Finding Your Voice. He says,

". . . no matter what you write, there’s a good chance that someone else may do the same thing better. There’s only one thing another writer can’t do better than you. And, it only happens to be the most important thing a writer can possess. Yourself. Your voice. They can’t get your personality on their page. And, since a personal voice is the single most important component of writing and the single most important element leading to success, no matter how good the competition may be, you’ve got an edge on them by simply being you."

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Anonymous said...

Hi there!

I have a google alert for my novel and just got directed to this wonderful post! Thank you! I just wanted to clarify: the quote above is by Les Edgerton from his book FINDING YOUR VOICE. I was quoting him--I so love that quote!

Thanks so much again for your very kind and wonderful words about SKY, and for pointing people to the Through the Tollbooth interview!

Warmest Wishes,
Jandy Nelson

Augusta Scattergood said...

Thanks for clarification on that. I think I fixed the blog post so that it reflects your interview better!