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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Quaker Motto Calendar

It's time to order!

Check out the order form for these Quaker Motto Calendars and note that orders received by October 1 are guaranteed delivery by December 1st. Just in time for your holiday greetings. The calendars fit perfectly into large Christmas card envelopes, or you can tuck your own smaller cards into the calendar's envelope.

Here is a sample page from the 2011 calendar.

I love the stories that come from memories of seeing these sold at a childhood church or hanging near a much-loved grandfather's office desk. You can read about the Scattergood family's connection to the calendars in last year's blog post by clicking here. Great Aunt Margery Scattergood added her story in a letter, meticulously typed, stamped with a 13-cent "Airmail" stamp, and mailed to me in February, 1976, when I was new to the family. She explained that they were started by her father, Thomas.

Father was not gifted in the ministry, so he did not speak in Meeting but felt that getting out these calendars and distributing them would be one way he could substitute a worthwhile service instead of speaking in Meeting. He carried on the work until his death in 1907 when my brother, Henry Scattergood carried them forward and continued them until his death in 1963.

Since that time, other Scattergood relatives have kept the calendars in print. They are now put together by my sisters-in-law Marion Scattergood Ballard and Evelyn Scattergood Day. Good for them to keep this tradition alive and do their own Good Works.


Joyce Moyer Hostetter said...

Such an awesome family tradition/contribution to the world! Yes, I will order.

Kathi said...

Thanks for sharing, Gusty. I love it!
Can you tell us the dimensions of the calendar? And how does it sit/hang? Is it appropriate for adding a magnet on the back?

Augusta Scattergood said...

Kathi, I answered this on the newest post about the calendar because I didn't realize your question was here! But to the magnet question- I think you could definitely put one on the back!