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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Learn From the Best

Wendy Mass writes books kids love to read. I've followed her progress since she first stepped into the library where I worked with a reference question (she's a fellow Jersey Girl). I've have seen her books grow in popularity--Jeremy Fink= Major Motion Picture?--and I've been a fan since the very beginning.

While writing this blog, I clicked over to her blog and discovered the most fun thing! Wendy from A to Z. 
One of these days I may have to do this myself. I love her L thought, in particular.

Here's a bit of advice she gives to beginning writers, via the always interesting and helpful Cynthia Leitich Smith's blog:

Besides the usual advice to read, take classes, keep a notebook for story ideas, go to conferences, network with other writers, I'd say to tell the story you want to tell, the story that only you can tell. Don't give up unless it's not fun anymore.

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Carol Baldwin said...

Totally agree. It's got to be a fun ride, or else, why bother?

Hey, I didn't realize you were a former Jersey girl. I grew up in Cherry Hill. How about you?

Augusta Scattergood said...

HaHa, Carol. I'm an adopted Jersey girl. Lived in Chatham for 25 years. But you know the saying... You can take the girl from (insert either Mississippi or New Jersey here), but...

So half my heart stays in my adopted state. Many good things about NJ.