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Thursday, March 21, 2013


I adore this project created and shared with me by Holly Mueller, teacher extraordinaire.

Her brilliant 4th graders made trailers for their civil rights project. 
GLORY BE was part of the project.

To see her blogpost about the project, and the trailers, click here.



Holly Mueller said...

So excited to see my students' work posted on your blog!! Thank you so much for sharing!

Jacob Merkle said...

Thank you for posting Amrith's and my book trailer on your blog thats realy nice.

Blake said...

WE ARE FAMOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stephen said...

Thank you so much for putting our videos on your blog! I really appreciate it.

Augusta Scattergood said...

You are welcome, Jacob, Stephen and Blake. All my writer friends are impressed and envious. Good work!

Mia said...

Wow! These are amazing. I will tweet, put on Pinterest and Sulia! Congrats! What a great job! under PragmaticMom for all social media.