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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Library Walk

I've been to the New York Public Library a gazillion times.
I never knew this existed.
A short street, right in front of the 5th Avenue entrance.

 My friend Ivy and I discovered it while strolling on a gorgeous fall day.
For those of you considering making a stop at this delightful exhibit:  

THE ABC OF IT, Why Children's Books Matter,
be sure to make the side trip down a side street and read the quotations.

CLICK HERE for an interesting piece, recently published in The Nation, on the exhibit.

Love the story of the little girl, possibly not even two, in the exhibit with her mom.
I also loved the library cards when I saw them. Especially Eudora Welty's and Anne Carroll Moore's. Unlike that child, I did not consider making paper airplanes.

But back to the Library Walk.
Both sides of the street are lined with wonderful quotations. Here are a few.

Lucille Clifton. Sigh. Baltimore poet laureate. Love her.

  (Yes, a favorite poem. I know, I know...)


Lee Stokes Hilton said...

Very nice. I've always loved libraries, and remember how thrilled I was to learn in high school that you could actually volunteer to work in the school library. But I don't know the story of two little girls. Hmmm...

Augusta Scattergood said...

Next summer, Lee- we'll get Leslie here and check it out!