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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Thank you, Mississippi librarians

Last week I was honored to receive the Mississippi Author Award in the Children's Literature cagetory for my novel, GLORY BE.

I talked all night to such nice librarians and to my two fellow honorees, Julie Cantrell and Carolyn Brown.

I was especially flattered to be introduced by none other than Ellen Ruffin, curator of the deGrummond Children't Literature Collection at the University of Southern Mississippi.

Here we are, smiling after my speech. Note the fabulous Ellen decked out in some of our table decorations, Mardi Gras style. Librarians do know how to party, don't we...

My sister, Jane Carlson, and brother Jack Russel were my honored guests at the dinner. 
Jane and I wandered around the exhibits as only two geeky librarians would do. 
(Did I mention Jane's also a former librarian?)

At the dinner, I spoke about my inspiration for Miss Bloom-- LePoint Smith and Anise Powell.
Click HERE if you'd like to read my post about them. 


Did I mention that my celebration started at the New Orleans airport? 
Any day that begins with beignets is bound to turn out right. And this one certainly did.



Lee Stokes Hilton said...

Just goes to show how smart the librarians are in Mississippi. Well done, Gusty!

Anonymous said...

How proud we are of you and your talent and hard work! I am so pleased that you are getting the recognition that you deserve.

Eileen in Atlanta

Augusta Scattergood said...

Thanks! It was a super event for me. (Even the casino location was a new treat...)

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

CONGRATULATIONS, Augusta!!! I'm so happy for you! I know I've owed you an email for a month now. It's been so insanely crazy and emotional with my son's open heart surgery - I'm sorry! So glad to hear happy news about you all the time! xoxo