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Sunday, November 9, 2014

More on Characters

As a rule, I'm not a fan of those character study things. But I am a fan of having at least a vague idea of what you're going to be writing before you start writing. 

Note, I said VAGUE
My characters seem to develop as I write.
Other writers may know it all before they put pen to paper. I say, whatever works.


My Highlights buddy Rosi Hollinbeck has a really good blog. She finds super stuff to share. And she just shared THIS, via Kathy Temean, a kind of fun way to look at/for a new character.

There are 90 questions. 
I figure if I dream up ten of them, I'm good...

  1. Any negative forces around your character?
  2. Does your character have anyone to confide in?
  3. Is your character afraid of anyone? Or anything?
  4. What is his/ her biggest fear?
  5. Would you say your character is selfish?
  6. What annoys him?
  7. Is she a bully?
  8. What makes him laugh?
  9. How old is your character?
  10. What does your character look like?

1 comment:

Rosi said...

Thanks for the shout out, Augusta. I'm always finding great stuff on Kathy's blog. This is one of her best.