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Sunday, December 21, 2014

This Post was Inspired by Letters

Or, truthfully, by my friend and fellow debutante (our first novels came out the same year) Caroline Starr Rose's BLOG POST: Do You Write Fan Mail?

I haven't written many letters to authors lately. In the era of Facebook and email, most of the authors I know receive cyber greetings from their fans.

But today is a letter-writing kind of day and I'm actually writing a couple to those who've been steady rocks by my side as I've navigated the past few years of publishing.

(I certainly have enough note cards to write everybody I've ever known!)

I'll write my very own editor, also an author, whose book THE RED PENCIL I'm reading right now. She hears from me a lot. But I've never written to her about one of her own books. And I love this one.

Ann Martin's RAIN REIGN is going under a special someone's Christmas tree. I'd love her to know how much this book will mean when that young reader and I talk about it.

I'm going to quote from Caroline's blog, linked in the first sentence, because she says it so well:

“I am a part of everything I’ve read” Theodore Roosevelt said. It’s true. And I am so very grateful to the authors who have made my life richer, fuller, deeper through the books they’ve created.

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Or perhaps

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Shannon Hitchcock said...

Totally agree about THE RED PENCIL. Loved it! I haven't read RAIN REIGN, but it's on my list.

Rosi said...

What a lovely idea to write these letters. Letter writing is becoming a lost art. I think those who receive your letters will be thrilled. I love the Teddy Roosevelt quote.

Augusta Scattergood said...

I'm off to mail my letters today- Maybe it's that time of the year that inspires us. Thanks for your comments and Write On!

Lee Stokes Hilton said...

I heard Carolyn See at a writing conference several years ago, and she talked about how much writers appreciate letters from readers -- actual letters vs email. Apparently she sends them out all the time. Nice idea for a New Year's resolution.