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Monday, October 19, 2015

A fun week ahead- 

AND this wonderful review of THE WAY TO STAY IN DESTINY.
Mondays aren't so bad after all.

Scattergood, Augusta
The Way to Stay in Destiny
2015. 192pp. $16.99 hc. Scholastic, Inc. 978-0-545-53824-4. Grades 4-7
It’s 1974 and Theo Thomas is starting a new life. His Uncle Raymond, a Vietnam vet, has moved
him to Destiny, Florida. When they move into Miss Sister's Rest Easy Boarding House and
Dance School, Theo discovers a piano and a new friend, Anabel, who shares his interest in
baseball. Neither uncle nor nephew are happy about their new situation, especially when Uncle
Raymond forbids Theo from doing the one of the few things that make him happyplaying the
piano. This quiet, gentle story does many things, including introducing young readers to the
dissent that Vietnam veterans encountered when returning home. Valerie Jankowski, Library
Media Specialist, Washington (Missouri) Middle School [Editor’s Note: Available in e-book

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