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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

So B. It

Having not read this book in at least ten years, I checked it out of the library, thinking I'd re-read it quickly.

Boy was I wrong.

There was just too much to take in. 
Too many sentences to linger over.

It's always been a favorite. I'm a Sarah Weeks fan. Love her newer books, too. We met last winter at the American Library Association conference and later connected over Authors Readers Theater. (She's a whiz!)

But So B. It is truly a gift to readers.

A few things I'd forgotten I love:

1. The chapter titles are one word long. Perfect.
2. The complicated young narrator, Heidi. I totally believed she would get on that bus.
3. The language. Just one of many examples: "While Mama finished napping, I let myself float suspended like a lily pad in my private little pool of hope."

Recently I heard a writer remark that she thinks voice really means the author's voice. I'm not sure I agree. Each of Sarah's books is different, special in its own way, and not necessarily this author's own voice.

So B. It- What a story, perfectly woven.

This is Sarah's newest book, coming soon. Amazing cover image, no?
 (I borrowed  the ARC's photo from Brenda Kahn. Thanks, Brenda!)

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Rosi said...

I have never read this book, but it is now on my TBR list. Thanks for the recommendation.