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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Mary Ward Brown

One thing I love about a rainy day and a screened porch in an old house is finding old magazines-SMITHSONIAN, July-August 2014 (hey, that's not so old!). 
Here's the link to the piece I'm reading in the rain:

Mary Ward Brown died a few years ago, well into her 90s.
She didn't begin to write until she was past 60.
Or at least she didn't publish her stories until then.  
Click here to read her obituary.

I was introduced to this amazing writer years ago when my friend Ivy gifted me with Mary Ward Brown's short stories. I've read them many times.

In the Smithsonian article, "Soul of the South,"  Paul Theroux mentions her memoir,

Which I've never read but think I'll order right now.

For the next rainy Sunday afternoon in my life.

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