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Wednesday, December 14, 2016


We're running out of shopping time!

My shopping days are numbered! Fortunately, I don't really give many gifts.

But of course, Christmas won't be Christmas without any books, right?

I'm trying to snag a few signed copies of books for those young readers on my list who might appreciate them. (All of the young readers on MY list!)
Often, a writers' website will tell you exactly where to order signed books.
I'm calling Anderson's Bookstore today to order a special book for a 4-year-old I know (Shhh- don't tell him).

A personal note: My own signed books are ready to be shipped from LEMURIA in Jackson or SQUARE BOOKS JR. in Oxford, MS.

If you'd like me to personalize a book to someone you love who loves to read, give my local independent bookstore a call and I'll scurry over there and sign it to your young reader. And I'll add a bookmark or two.
HERE'S THE INFO for Inkwood.

You can support a writer and order a gift made by these talented authors.
LOVE that charm bracelet, don't you?

Give a gift that gives, or even a card that does.
If you're like me and cards have escaped you this year, try these lovely e-cards from 

Everything you need to know is right here:
(For example, check out this tree -available in paper or paperless!)

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Augusta Scattergood said...

If YOU have great suggestions for book related gifts, do share in a comment or two.