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Monday, January 23, 2017

Sandra Markle and GASPARILLA'S GOLD

My friend Sandra Markle can write!

I love this It's Monday! What Are You Reading? meme, and it's a perfect reason to share this book today.

In fact, I'm actually, literally sharing. 
My signed copy of GASPARILLA'S GOLD!

It's Sandra's first middle-grade novel (You heard it here first: more will surely come!). 

I'll mail the book to a teacher or a librarian. I'll also send Sandra's Discovery Guide of activities for GASPARILLA'S GOLD-- and a class set of bookmarks. How cool is that?

Leave me a comment here or on Facebook, by Tuesday night (January 24), and I'll have Sandra pick a name at our critique group meeting.

(Did I mention how lucky I am to have Sandra in my SCBWI critique group?)

CLICK HERE FOR an interview I did with her soon after I met her. 

The novel is perfect for reluctant readers and science nerds, animal activists and fans of exciting adventures.

Gasparilla’s Gold

It’s an action-packed heart-tug with a good sprinkle of humor as twelve-year-old Gus, whose struggle to cope with his older brother’s death has left him fearful, is drawn into hunting for pirate treasure with a feisty girl and a zany movie prop creator.

But, on the Florida island where Gus is spending the summer, there’s something even more valuable than gold—a wild panther cub. The National Wildlife Federation reports less than 100 Florida panthers remain living wild and free. Will Gus regain his courage in time to save the cub from poachers? And will Gus and his band of treasure hunters solve the mystery of the pirate’s map he discovered to dig up Gasparilla’s buried gold?

There’s a lot at stake and only a summer to make it happen.

Don't forget to leave a comment, here or on FACEBOOK. 
(Maybe I'll even tweet this giveaway though, sadly, the last time I did that, I got a lot of fake teachers and librarians, scammers looking to re-sell books should they win...)

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Alex Baugh said...

This sounds like a really interesting book and one that can raise awareness of animals endangered by poachers or other human threats, especially important these days. I love the cover cat - so beautiful.

Katie Logonauts said...

Sounds fascinating - and definitely one that would appeal to my 7th grade students! (I received a copy of your Making Friends with Billy Wong from Scholastic as part of #MCBD, which I recently shared about here: .)

S. Mozer said...

Congratulations, Sandra, on your first book!

Augusta Scattergood said...

Thanks for the comments, everybody!
Yes, that cover is gorgeous and Sandra designed it herself! She's a fabulous artist who has written a ton of award-winning, non-fiction picture books. Check out her website.

Cheriee Weichel said...

I love these kinds of books that are both educational and entertaining. Thanks and congratulations to your friend.

Jane @ said...

How exciting, a big congratulations to Sandra on her first middle grade novel - sounds fascinating, and definitely kid-pleasing!

Lisa Maucione said...

This sounds like a fascinating book. The cover will definitely intrigue students. I think it will appeal to both animal lovers and students who enjoy a little bit of a mystery. Thanks for sharing.

Carol Baldwin said...

I'm not a teacher or librarian, but I bet this will be a fantastic book. SO cool that Sandra is in your critique group. Congratulations, Sandra, on your first novel!

Nicole L. said...

I would be interested in comparing this title to Tiger Boy. Of course they are likely to be vastly different, but if one young reader loved one they might enjoy moving on to the other!

I know this is probably wrong to admit, but I smirked a little at the thought of "fake librarians and teachers" out trolling the twitter feeds to cash in on signed books...what a way to make a buck ;)

Augusta Scattergood said...

We have a winner! Sandra drew Lisa Maucione's name from the basket this morning. Let me know where to mail it, and GASPARILLA GOLD is on the way to MA.