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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Friends, Friday and Otherwise

Do you keep up with Kirby Larson's FRIEND FRIDAY blogposts?

You should.
You meet the most interesting folks over there.

Recently, Kirby hosted a friend of mine. Linda Jackson grew up right near me, in the heart of the Mississippi Delta. Until I heard about her novel, our paths never crossed.
But I met her at a book event last year. Her middle-grade novel, historical fiction set in Mississippi, was coming soon.
I already had the Advanced Reader Copy. Lucky me!

Now everyone can read it.

And I get to see Linda again this spring, at the fabulous Kaigler Festival at the University of Southern Mississippi, where we'll both be presenting.


Bottom line? Never give up. If your book is revised and you know it's worthy and you care deeply about it, that book will find a home!

(It only took Linda six years. It took me almost ten. Did I say Never Give Up?)

1 comment:

Carol Baldwin said...

It's my next book to read. Couldn't remember how I got my copy. Now I do! Thanks again.