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Saturday, December 8, 2018

Thank you, Indiana School Librarians!

When my first book came out, I'm not sure I appreciated how important state recommended book lists can be to a book's future. But they are!
Just when you think your novel's time in front of the world is simmering down, somebody finds it and adds it to a list of recommendations and just like that, new readers.

It's truly a terrific experience.

I am in awe of the librarians and teachers, parents and kids, who put these lists together.

Today I'm thankful to the hard-working school librarians in Indiana for adding MAKING FRIENDS WITH BILLY WONG to their list of Intermediate readers' recommendations.

Here's what they said about my middle-grade novel:

Azalea’s summer plans suddenly change when she is sent to Paris Junction, Arkansas to help a grandmother she doesn’t know. Shy and reluctant to talk to others, Azalea meets Billy Wong and finds an unexpected friend. 


HERE'S THE LINK to the list. 

I am proud and humbled to be included among some of my favorites and some I can't wait to read.

(If you're a writer interested in a list of various awards, check out CYNSATIONS, a blog filled with helpful information.)


Carol Baldwin said...

Hooray! Such a terrific book!!

Mia Wenjen said...

I love Making Friends with Billy Wong. I didn't know this story of Asian Americans in the deep south and your book is a fascinating look at what life was like during Jim Crow. My father taught math as an Assistant Professor both in Lubbock Texas and in Tennessee during these times. He never talked about it but I can glean a little of what it was like for him from your book.

I have it on several lists on my blog:

Rosi said...

Congratulations, Augusta. That is an honor.

Augusta Scattergood said...

Thank you, Mia. You are such an amazing champion of children's books!

Augusta Scattergood said...

Rosi and Carol- thank you for stopping by. Your encouragement is very much appreciated!