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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Black Skillet as Metaphor?

I hope I never have to give up my morning newspapers, the kind printed on newsprint I can spread out on nearby tables and separate on the floor, with sections featuring Sports and Food and Local News. Newspapers I can glance up from when a replay of the 13th inning win by the Tampa Bay Rays over the Red Sox last night comes on the TV. But that's another story.

Some days my daily newspapers are filled with good stuff. Like today. Along with Frank Bruni's review of the Union Square Cafe, which sparked memories of a terrific January lunch there with a friend and a daughter, I loved today's entire food section.

Both the New York Times and the St. Petersburg Times. The St. Pete Times food editor is writing about Julia Childs, but I'm saving my comments till I've seen Julie and Julia (loved the book!).

I've been thinking about my black iron skillet as a metaphor for something- maybe for writing techniques, as my friend Sue threw out at me at our recent critique meeting. So that will be on my mind today, inspired by Sue and by Jhumpa Lahiri's article in today's New York Times.

OK, I know, she's writing about her summer vacation rentals, and Julia Moskin, in that same Dining section, takes on a similar subject. But both articles prompted me to think of tiny beginnings, an entry into an essay or a story. So today I'll spend time pondering the possibilities. And who knows what might be cooking on that metaphoric iron skillet by supper time?

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