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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Another "Pinch Me!" moment...

In a million years, I would not have pictured me doing this, but my new friends at Scholastic thought it would be fun for me to record a chapter and a few words about writing GLORY BE, and off I went, on the train to Manhattan. I worried for a half minute that they might want to actually see me, you know as in video type recording. But no. My editor said I could show up in my jammies. I didn't.

Here's a quick visual tour of the day. Quality of the photos does not reflect the importance of the day. I was trying to be my cool New York self, not my geeky, excited is-this-really-happening-to-me self.

I enjoyed an iced tea and going over my writing, while waiting for my Big Moment.  I did not read aloud inside the teashop. Promise.

Note: Though the tea place was dimly lit-- a nice touch on a hot day--can you see my Good Luck Paperclips? Critique group friend Teddie returns our pages, clipped with these festive clips. They always make me smile.

I was still early, so I sat next to one of my favorite buildings to do one of my favorite NYC things: People Watching!

For some really good photos of the art inside that Sprint store inside the Flatiron Building, click here.  They are so worth that click! Seriously worth it. The art was amazing. Go ahead, click that link now!

This was my view, while waiting in the shade, next to the flowers, in the Flatiron Building's plaza. Note the lack of the normal NYC black clothing, an obvious bow to the summer heat. Flip-flops were everywhere! Did I say it was hot?

And I finally made it to BEATSTREET STUDIOS.

Yep, that's the recording studio. Picture me in that room, headsets on, just like a rock star. Interesting drums in there. My new Scholastic friend Adrienne Vrettos and I considered playing them, but wised up.

I finished my session (see how quickly I pick up the lingo) in record time and was off to meet my agent, Linda Pratt, for tea and chocolates. We met in another of my favorite spots: Grand Central Station. And truly, this is a terrible photo, but it's hard to get a shot of that gorgeous ceiling with my iPhone, especially when I'm trying to appear cool and rock-star-ish. With a big emphasis on the ish part of that word...

More than just a great day- an amazing, fantastic day! And I didn't even mention one of the other surprising, terrific moments. All the way in to the city, my unexpected trainmates were two of my favorite people-- a former student I've known since her kindergarten days and her mom who was a loyal "library mom" in my many years at Kent Place School. Happy to say, Annie still loves to read.


Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

Wow, totally COOL!!! So what are they going to do with the recording?

Augusta Scattergood said...

Well, Kimberley, thanks for your question which of course I should have alluded to on the blog! They made the recording for the salespeople. It will be on Scholastic's website, and they'll let me use it on my website (which I'd better get cracking on, right?)

I recorded Chapter 1, my Author's Note, and a few answers to previously asked questions. Plus the greeting: Hello, Indie booksellers, Hello, Barnes and Nobles, etc.

I think New Yorkers just like to hear me talk. Which truly astounds me.

Barbara O'Connor said...

I bet it sounds fabulous. There is nothing better than hearing an author read - especially with that accent of yours!!

Lee Stokes Hilton said...

I particularly like that the sign -- or is it a TV? -- in the recording studio says "WOW." Sets it up just right. So glad the day was wonderful. And I'll bet you sound just GRAND.

The TB Children's Book Writers and Illustrators said...

I sense a future youtube video with your voice on it, not to mention an audio edition, narrated by the inimitable and authentic southern voice of Augusta Scattergood. With a voice and name like that, this book is going to go platinum. :)

Leslie Davis Guccione said...

Love it all! And your voice is the perfect narration.

Carol Baldwin said...

this is so cool, AUgusta. What a great day. Thanks for sharing it with the rest of the world!

Theodora said...

WOW! Augusta, that is so cool! I wish I could have been on hand to make a video recording of your day for posterity. How exciting!
And to think my little paper clips were on the scene with you in NY.
That does my heart good.
I cannot wait to listen to your recording on Scholastic's website. You are living the life, my friend.