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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hooray for Connections!

Yesterday I wrote about how important the Society for Children's Book Writers and Illustrators  has been for my book.

Today I'm sharing another really nice connection. My Tampa SCBWI friend Shannon Hitchcock is a transplanted Southerner, but we also have a New Jersey tie. I totally thank her for some excellent interview questions, link below.

Those inviting chairs I'm "borrowing" today are from Shannon's website. 
The quote on her site says  
Front yards are boring. Backyards tell stories
James Stevenson.

(Although I always loved what I could learn observing the neighbors from my front porch, if not my front yards!)

CLICK HERE to read my interview about Glory Be's writing and publishing history.

The interview was published on both Shannon's blog and the NJ/SCBWI newsletter/ blog written by Kathy Temean.

Thanks, Kathy and Shannon!


Barbara O'Connor said...

Great interview!

Carol Baldwin said...

ENjoyed the interview and just now realizing that you and I are fellow New Jerseyites (is that what we're called?) I grew up in south Jersey..across from Philadelphia!