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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Judging Book Covers

Hustle on over to Elizabeth Bird's blog for a fascinating look at book cover art. British v. American.

I know little about the topic other than what I've heard authors relate over the years about their own likes and hates, terrible experiences and not-so-bad. Authors who were astounded when the artist got something simple like Hair Color wrong.

On that blogpost, Ms. Bird (librarian extraordinaire at the New York Public Library) is sharing books from the current year's BATTLE OF THE BOOKS.

This year I think I'll follow along with the game. I've actually read a few choices.
Reading Dead End in Norvelt right now. Laughing a lot.

Now click on over to Fuse#8's book jackets. British v. American, you can judge.

What else I'm Reading Now:
May B., The One and Only Ivan, Bossypants (NOT a kids' book, for a change!), The Chick Palace (ditto, not kids') and Bestest Ramadan Ever


Leslie Rose said...

I just started Bossypants. Laughing from the get go.

Lee Stokes Hilton said...

I thought these comparisons were really interesting, tho I couldn't really figure out a trend or specific philosophy for either group. But good reading.