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Monday, March 19, 2012

Book Battle

My March Madness runs more to the basketball kind. Quite honestly, I didn't really get the whole Battle of the Books thing. The last school I librarianed in once did a Battle of the Books with 4th grade kid readers. Book trivia. Kids against kids.

It was nothing like the School Library Journal sponsored brackets and competition going on now.

So I didn't think I'd bother.

Then I realized Dead End in Norvelt, the reigning Newbery book, was in contention. I tuned in.

True confessions. I'm not a huge Jack Gantos fan. Never really loved his books, though I totally get the appeal. But this one was fun to read and kept me turning pages.  

I was going to write a post about his whole Said is Dead thing because almost every single dialog tag featured a word other than said. Or an adverb modifier. I think it's a style thing with him?

From just two, randomly chosen pages, 78 and 79: 
he continued, I asked, he explained, he cautioned, I replied, he said, he whispered, I whispered back, he reminded me...

But instead of writing about Dead End in Norvelt, I got hooked on the SLJ Battle-- BOB, as it's known (Battle of the Books, get it?).

I loved how one judge justified her choice of   
Now I can't wait to read that book. And to follow the competition to the bitter end.

Click here to read Judge Sara Zarr's explanation of her winner in that bracket.

And today, Barbara O'Connor's up. I've read neither, but feel as if I know her two books quite well after this post today. 
Plus, I'm a fan of both of her assigned books' authors.
Click on over there and see what Barbara picked.

So yes, I'm hooked.
Besides, it doesn't interfere with my basketball games. And what's a few more books added to my To Be Read list? March Madness, indeed.

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PragmaticMom said...

I'm reading Dead End in Norvelt and I read a few Joey Pizgas but didn't love those. I have to say that I do really, really like Dead End in Norvelt! It's not what I expected. I heard it was funny but it's more small time quirky to me. Kudos to Gantos. Well done sir!