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Monday, March 12, 2012

A funny thing happened while talking...

Last Thursday I was at one of the South's premier bookstores, Lemuria Books in Jackson, Mississippi. I love these independent bookstores that bring in authors, sponsor book discussions, know a lot about what they sell. Surrounded by a whole lot of friends and family, I talked about GLORY BE.

I approached the podium with Emily, a Lemuria bookseller, and she pointed out the microphone (didn't need it) and the water (needed it).

I glanced at my audience of GLORY BE supporters, then down at the podium.
Here's what I saw:

A small, cardstock, calling card-ish message.
Emily assured me it was from the previous author. Turns out, Unnamed Author tends to go on a little too long and his partner/ co-author slips him one of these cards when it's time to STOP TALKING. He has a whole box of them.

I don't think I needed it. I didn't talk that long.
Here I am in the "dotcom" building at Lemuria. Neat place. I heard there was beer. I saw there were lots of First Editions lining the walls.

(I promise I had more than two people in the audience.)


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pragmaticmom said...

That is so funny! Nice reminder! Maybe the last author gets nervous and can't stop talking? It's so hard to give a speech!

Leslie Rose said...

I was waiting for something deep, like stop talking and let the audience ask question. The truth of it cracked me up.

Augusta Scattergood said...

Cracked me up, too. But it also reminded me not to blab on too long. I love talking about my book so that could be a problem if I'm not careful!