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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Greetings from Missouri!

Jefferson City, the state capital.  

In honor of adding Missouri to my Life List of states, here's a photo tour of this fun, quick trip to talk about GLORY BE.

Here's my driver for the trip from the St. Louis airport. Yes, he's 20-something. He'd been at the All Star Game the night before. He knew a lot about Missouri and he enjoyed sharing. He's a talker, I'm a listener. And this defensive end for his high school football team remembered Scholastic Book Club books with great fondness.

Fun fact: There's a Mexico in Missouri...

Our hotel, a stone's throw from the state capitol building.

My delightful dinner partners.

After dinner, I signed everybody's books
and got my picture taken WAY too many times. 
This was the last photo, and I look it...
(not a typo. I mean LOOK...)

Here's a screen shot of the Power Point.
My last slide is the fantabulous GLORY cake! 
They kept the picture up for the entire rest of the evening. 
Thank you, Allister!

And thank you to all my new Scholastic friends for inviting me to such a fun evening
and for all the terrific things the Book Club folks do
to promote so many authors' books.
I bet there are a whole bunch of grown-ups out there, like my driver, 
who remember fifth grade for the Book Club books they chose!


Joyce Moyer Hostetter said...

Augusta, do you know how long the book club has been around? I do remember the fabulous feeling when that paper would be given to us each month and we could choose books. Maybe that is why I can't let go of my old copy of Gaunt's Daughter. I keep thinking I will reread it.

Glad Missouri is a good memory for you.

I've had good time in that state too.

Carol Baldwin said...

Oh yes, book club memories... I remember them for my kids though, not for me. ANyway, glad you had a good time and glad to see the cake is having another life even after it was eaten! I think it's just about the best looking book cake I have ever seen!

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

Love the pictures, love your travel stories, Gusty. You DO get around, girl!

Augusta Scattergood said...

I don't know how long but I bet I can find out! And yes, that cake was amazing. I still love thinking about it. And seeing the pictures. Making lots of memories! Thanks for stopping by to comment, fellow writers.