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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Pinterest for July

My New Jersey writing group members have been scratching our heads. "What IS this Pinterest thing, and better yet, how can it help us as writers/ bloggers/ readers?"

Today I discovered how fellow middle-grade writer, Kate Messner, uses it to showcase her new book in a very helpful way. She's pinned all sorts of online resources, book reviews, graphics. Very interesting! I'm off to explore.

Anybody else out there onboard with Pinterest? (pun intended...)

Look at one of her pins-- all those charts! Wow.

And check out my earlier post about her book on revision.


Barbara Watson said...

I haven't hopped on board with Pinterest yet because I'm concerned with the time suck. Whenever I pop over to someone's boards, however, it looks fun and interesting! And I know there's so many ways to use it.

Leslie S. Rose said...

I'm afraid once I dip a toe into Pinterest, I'll never be seen again. It's so tempting.

Carol Baldwin said...

Thanks, Augusta. I've wondered about Pinterest and I appreciate you linking to Kate's blog. Seems like something I'd like to explore but like Leslie said, I think I'd go off on all sorts of tangents when I ought to be writing! Bookmarked it for later.

Augusta Scattergood said...

As for me and Pinterest, I think I'll post one board, related to Glory Be. Then see if I can keep my toes out of that tempting water!