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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Agent Info

It's not new news that writers need agents, mostly. I know I couldn't LIVE without mine. And it's also not a newsflash that finding an agent can be a difficult process. Very difficult.

I met Linda Pratt at a terrific SCBWI regional conference in Maryland. I've been forever, eternally, grateful to those volunteers on that summer weekend who put the two of us together.

There are plenty of places to find information on agents. 
One of the best is the carefully written and researched blog, 
(I think there must be over 75 Agent Profiles, with great links listed alphabetically on the blog.)

Click right  ⇒ HERE for their profile of Linda.

And that's my gift to you today. Happy writing!


Barbara Watson said...

LOVE Literary Rambles and their agent section too!

Mia said...

Thanks for sharing such great info. Will store it away for the future!