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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Celebrating, Southern Style

I love my amazing friends in the Tampa Bay writing community. Thanks to the Florida SCBWI for all these connections.

My critique group(s) -- I've slipped into more than one since moving to St. Petersburg-- have been with me every step of the way. 
(Thanks, Sue Laneve. Thanks, Sylvia Salsbury for your original hostings!)

Last night my current group and the writers who've supported the journey, organized by our fearless leader Rob Sanders, gathered for a southern supper. Where else but Cracker Barrel!

Here we are, rocking the evening!

 (Missing, Sue Laneve and Greg Neri who were off doing exciting things. But definitely part of this book's journey.)

Writers are so creative.
Check out a few of their fun mementos of the book. They are very careful readers of GLORY BE.

Evening in Paris perfume. (I will have to visit THIS shop!

Candy, lots of vintage candy.
A note, folded into a tight triangle.
A quarter, from 1963, which would surely have been in Glory's Junk Poker box.

The perfect candle: CLOUD 9
A shell, beautifully decorated
A poem, a picture frame
Southern-themed napkins
A tiny worry doll
Very special Elvis memorabilia. Wow.

Floating body parts... eyeball. Teeth. (enough said)

(Not pictured: the cupcake, which I ate. Yum. 
Thank you, Nancy Cavanaugh! But that's the box, decorated with kites and a Way to Go sticker, pictured.)

It was a very special evening, filled with fried okra, turnip greens and lots of laughs. The Southern Theme was carried out in full. You writers totally rock. Not just the chairs.

                                                             (Rob's napkins. Sigh.)

I'm eternally grateful to these creative people. 
Thanks for celebrating GLORY BE's Crystal Kite. 

Wow. Cloud 9, indeed.


Barbara O'Connor said...

Wow! What a wonderful, thoughtful group you have!! So lovely that they helped you celebrate like that.

Shannon Hitchcock said...

My favorite line. "You writers rock. Not just the chairs." Tampa Bay has it going on! Congrats, again!

Carol Baldwin said...

sounds like it was a rocking good time! How wonderful to have a community of friends and writers to celebrate with! Congrats again.

Augusta Scattergood said...

Thanks, everybody. LOL, Shannon. We do totally rock!

The TB Children's Book Writers and Illustrators said...

ASAP - what a perfect theme, right? Yay, again, for you, Augusta! Enjoy every minute of this and other upcoming accolades!

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

What a wonderful evening with a marvelous group of friends. And I LOVE Cracker Barrel! Congratulations again, Augusta!!!