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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Road Tripping

Thank you, Mr. Schu, for taking time from your busy schedule (American Library Association! Chicago! Envious.) to blog about GLORY BE.

You can read his blogpost right here:

Fellow writers, teachers, librarians: If you don't follow him on Twitter, Facebook, his blog, etc, and you want to know the latest, greatest kids' books or ways to engage young readers, you are missing out.

Plus he takes some fun, book-related trips.

Last year Mr. Schu's annual road trip itinerary included Mississippi, and other points south. 
He read GLORY BE in some of my favorite places. Lemuria Books, the Eudora Welty Library, the old Capitol, the University of Southern Mississippi.

Here he is, hanging out at the Welty Library in Jackson. 

I'll be following along to see where he ends up this summer. Maybe someplace cooler than his Southern Swing last summer. 
Have a fun trip, Mr. Schu!

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