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Friday, July 19, 2013


 I'm reviewing a book for DELTA MAGAZINE right now. (More later on that.)

It's only available on Kindle, and the magazine mostly reviews traditional books. But because it's written by a local (local to the Delta), we are spotlighting it. 

This is the bargain of the year. 
Dorothy Shawhan's GOING TO GRACELAND. 
Click on that title link up there, please.

Only $8.00 for your Kindle. 
(Free to borrow if you have a Prime Account. Though I hate to share that because I'd love to think the author got a tiny bit of amazon's $$$ if we read this book...)

When I read the New York Times obituary of Delta bluesman, T. Model Ford, this week, it reminded me of the stories Dorothy Shawhan's travelers tell in her book. She's a Delta State University literature literature professor, mostly retired, who now teaches creative writing. 
So the writing is flawless. 
And then there are the stories her characters share. 

Which brings me to T. Model Ford's obituary.
Which you must read. Just for the stories.

Here it is:

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