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Monday, December 9, 2013

Shopping and Remembering

Today the UPS guy showed up with a box from Scholastic. 

Yes, hard to believe if you could see my bookshelves, but maybe I ordered a few books. They were such a great deal. It was hard to resist. 

I ordered DUKE by my friend Kirby Larson.
World War II. Dog story. I know just the person!
(I'm proud to say that Kirby and I now actually know each other, in person. Unlike so many author friends that I think I've spent time schmoozing with when all I've done is chat on Facebook and Twitter. But I digress...)

Back to my shopping.
Black Friday, Scholastic Store. Deals were to be had!

When the box arrived and I saw the Jefferson City, MO return address, 
I had to smile.
Remembering my trip to "Jeff City"!
All those nice people packing our holiday purchases? 
I might have met one or two!

(Here's the link to my 24 hours in Missouri post.)

In case you're wondering, I've also bought books from 
Barnes & Noble and Inkwood Books this holiday season. 
Some to donate, some to wrap, one to read.

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