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Friday, May 22, 2015

A Template!

To write your novel with!

Of course, there's really no such thing.

But recently I found this "advice" buried deep in my files.

Here's the link:

And remember my Nerdy Book Club post about TEN THINGS I'VE LEARNED FROM KIDS ABOUT WRITING A BOOK?

Remember that dog?

Here's a funny thing from that article by James Thayer about your Main Character:

1)  They are kind when it counts. Not always, and maybe not mostly, but when it is important, the hero will do something kind. If nothing else he will adopt a dog, a common fictional device to salvage otherwise irredeemable heroes, which is called the Adopt A Dog Technique.

 I'm totally good with that.


Anonymous said...


Eileen in Atlanta

Rosi said...

That is a good article, Augusta. I will be linking to it on my blog. Thanks for posting it here. Love the photo of the dog. I may need to add a dog in one of my books.

Augusta Scattergood said...

Somebody on FB commented about Save The Cat.
Do you know that book? It's a good one!