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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Listen Up! and a Giveaway!

True confessions.
It's very strange hearing your own book read by somebody else.

But I'm excited about the new audio versions of GLORY BE and THE WAY TO STAY IN DESTINY.

Glory's narration is read by Cassandra Morris whose CD of A SNICKER OF MAGIC won an Odyssey Honorable Mention for the best recorded book from the American Library Association.

CLICK HERE for a little sample of her reading my own book.

If you buy the entire audio version, at the end you'll hear ME reading my Author Note and Acknowledgements. Thanks to my friend, Kirby Larson, and my editor Andrea Davis Pinkney, I was brave enough to ask if I could do that. 
(Because they did it on their own awesome audiobooks and I loved it.) 

And the Scholastic audio guy, the fantastic Paul Gagne, said yes.

THE WAY TO STAY IN DESTINY is available as a real 4-disc CD.
Michael Crouch is reading. A sample is here.
A quite nice School Library Journal review is HERE.

(I love what it says on the front cover. I'm a BONUS!)

Thanks, Scholastic audio and your great actors. Thanks Paul for your super work.

I gave away a handful of the CDs last week via Twitter. But I have at least one more I can share. I'll pick the winner soon. In a few days. When I think I can get to the post office! Sorry to be so random but it is almost July 4th.

Leave me a comment and let's see what happens.


Kelly Farnsworth said...

Congrats on all of your successes. Hope that it continues to go well for you.
It surprised me when you mentioned Andrea Davis Pinkney as your editor. I've enjoyed her books as well.
Take care.

Jan Guyton said...

You are most definitely a bonus, Gusty! Jan Guyton

Margaret Simon said...

Would love to add the audio to my library. Congratulations! Destiny just keeps getting better.

Melodye said...

You are an extraordinarily generous writer, with your process and your words. Love that you read the acknowledgments yourself. That speaks volumes.

Ramona said...

This book is in my summer WTR stack. I would love to win an audio version since that is often the best way for me to finally get around to lowering the pile of books I want to read. I loved Glory Be!

Carol Baldwin said...

Please enter my name. I'd enjoy hearing this read. Thanks!

Rosi said...

How fun that you got to do the acknowledgments. It's great that this is out as an audio. Congrats.

Melissa Guerrette said...

How generous of you to host a giveaway of your audio! I'm really excited to hear about the Glory Be audio. I loved listening to Cassandra Morris read A Snicker of Magic. I'm bumping Glory Be to the top of my audiobook list.

Love knowing you read your own acknowledgements as well. I've become fascinated with this small, but so significant section of pages.

Augusta Scattergood said...

Thanks, everybody, for your interest. Carol Baldwin is our winner! Heading to P.O. this afternoon.

Linda A. said...

I loved reading Glory Be, but after heading the sample on audio, I have to sat that it's pure entertainment! Congratulations on reading your own acknowledgment section. Way to go! Thanks for offering a giveaway here.

Kellee Moye (@kelleemoye) said...

It must be so odd to listen to your own books, but I, as a reader, love audio books! Really, really, really helps with a commute! :)