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Tuesday, June 30, 2015


I'm a fan of Lisa Graff's books. 
You can plug her name into my blog's search box and find several mentions. 
Check it out HERE.

I finished her newest novel right after we sat next to each other at our BOOKS OF WONDER panel. Really, you won't find a nicer, funnier person to share a table with than Lisa. We had some great questions that day from the audience. 
(One young book enthusiast asked what books had influenced or inspired us. Lisa answered HOLES, among others.)

Three Things I really like about LOST IN THE SUN:

1. Fallon Little. What a great character. Unusual girls are not easy to write, let me just say (from experience). 
Lisa has created a likeable, funny, smart, but not necessarily the expected sassy and spunky girl. 
I love Fallon.

2. The emotions in this book are so true to middle-graders, especially one who's angry at himself, at life, at his family. Writing kids' honest reactions to situations can be difficult. 

Check p. 138 to see what I mean. 

For example:

Fire in my chest.
Intestines boiling.
Fingertips twitching with heat.
Kick and yell.

Trent is mad. And with a good reason. Lisa writes it so well.

3. A teacher who isn't perfect, isn't universally loved, but is exactly what Trent needs, even if he doesn't realize it. Love Ms. Emerson.

And now, of course, there has to be a follow-up to this book. I'm hoping Fallon's story is going to be told. 
Okay, Lisa? 
How long do I have to wait?


Carol Baldwin said...

Looking forward to reading this. Thanks, AUgusta, for the recommendation.

Rosi said...

I have this book and really hope I can find time soon to read it. Thanks for the post.

Augusta Scattergood said...

Your book and disk should be almost to you in PA by now! Hope you enjoy-