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Wednesday, November 18, 2015


I am stuck without my own Photo File. On a computer I don't use often. Desperately needing a photo.

I google my own books, hoping what I need will pop up.

Voila! Thanks to the blog MATH IS ELEMENTARY, I found a great photo of the cover image of THE WAY TO STAY IN DESTINY's Book Fair version.

I actually like this cover a lot. Though, I know, it confuses some young readers. I had a boy at a Book Fair tell me "I've read both your books! In one day!"  He held the hardcover and the bookfair books. I assured him the words inside were all the same. He seemed happy to have read the book twice.

As long as I was on a roll, I searched for the other book jacket. And this image from what The Chicago Tribune calls "an aspiring book critic" has made me smile.

My day is made! Success!-  and lots of smiling going on here.

Aren't kids the greatest? Bloggers, too. Thank you, one and all.


Lee Stokes Hilton said...

Well, I like the book fair version, too. But that drawing is priceless. You are lucky to have such avid fans!

Carol Baldwin said...

Yes, that review made me smile too. Thanks for sharing.

Augusta Scattergood said...

Thanks, Carol and Lee, for stopping by! I so admire kids who not only write reviews of books they've read but they also illustrate. Something I never dared to do- then or now!

Anonymous said...

Great blog! And I have to say...the kid that drew your book cover did my heart good!
A great compliment to you, by the way because I know that took a lot of time to do!
Eileen in Atlanta