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Monday, December 21, 2015

It's Monday

What am I reading?

Be still my heart.

First of all, the horse.

And this boy, Joseph. A boy and a horse, how can I not love this book?

And his friend, a Chinese boy. And the setting, the West, Washington state, the late 1800s.

Okay, I'm only halfway through the ARC of this middle-grade novel, but already I'm thinking of the kids who are in for such a treat. 

A page-turning adventure, a friendship story. It's also a "western"- in the old-fashioned sense. So there's a gun and fights and the occasional swear word. But they all fit perfectly with the story. And Joseph has such a big heart and strong moral values.

Coming January 2016.  (Thanks, Scholastic, for the review copy.)

Hey, teachers and librarians- It must be holiday break time- Book Time!
What are you reading this Monday?
A Monday bonus. 
Click HERE for an interview with librarian/ author Dan Gemeinhart.


Linda B said...

Oh, this does sound good. I'm glad you shared, getting ready for the new year of books! Enjoy the holiday week!

Augusta Scattergood said...

Thanks, Linda- Happy reading to you!