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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Reading Aloud to Kids

 Next Wednesday is WORLD READ ALOUD DAY.

If you're a teacher or a librarian and haven't scheduled a free Skype reading by one of your favorite authors, next year be sure to check Kate Messner's post about it. 

I suspect most of her list has already filled their slots. But if you hurry on up to that link, there could be a few left.

I'm really excited about reading to kids, always one favorite part about being a school librarian. I'm choosing my WRAD selections and thinking hard about what book to pick.

And today I found what could well be my favorite statement about the joy of reading aloud. 
 I absolutely adore the blogpost from Colby Sharp.

Something that should be framed and hung or at the very least needle-pointed and turned into a pillow:

"The next day we once again met at the carpet for read aloud. Our days can be a little crazy at times, but this is one appointment we never miss."

CLICK RIGHT HERE to see what Colby did to mix Winn-Dixie and Willy, two of my very favorite dogs in kids' books. 

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