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Monday, September 17, 2018

Funny Books

Not funnybooks. (Those things from my childhood that I read ravenously. Archie, Little Lulu, etc.)

I'm talking about books that make me smile, laugh a little, or even a lot. 
Funny BOOKS.

I've just created a Pinterest board of books that handle humor well. 

I don't mean bodily function jokes, which I'm sure kids love. But I love sweet humor, wise-cracking or eye-rolling characters, descriptions which make me say Oh Yes! and even laugh heartily.

So on this Monday of IT'S MONDAY WHAT ARE YOU READING, I'll share a few of the books on the new board.

I read this one a while ago, for inclusion in a Christian Science Monitor middle-grade roundup. You can see it HERE. I pulled it out this week while scouring my shelves for funny books.

 It's written by a fifth grade teacher, so you can bet he knows what kids love. The book is funny, occasionally scary, and the characters seem so real.

(I have been thinking a lot about characters recently. And the advice to know them well before you put pen to paper. I wrote about this HERE on an earlier post and linked to some good tips.)

 This week I've re-read MS. BIXBY'S LAST DAY. From start to finish. Well, to almost-finish.

(Spoiler alert: If you haven't read this terrific book, skip the next paragraph.)

Now before you remind me that this book is about somebody actually dying, let me say that I absolutely loved these three boys. They are each such individuals. They say typical kid things, that are truly funny. Their teacher was funny, too.  I've been putting off reading the ending and maybe I'll stop right where I am. The boys have busted into Ms. Bixby's hospital room and are having a picnic, which they've gone through hoops to bring to her. I know what's about to happen. But right now, it's squarely in my Love this Funny Book corner. 
Since the book received three starred reviews and lots of accolades, I'm sure everybody's read it. PS I was on a panel with John David Anderson once, and he's a very funny guy.

Two books I'm just beginning but know they're on my Pinterest Funny Books Board.

The cover illustration (and others inside) by Dan Santat cracks me up. And the book had me laughing at chapter one. (Very clever chapter titles, Kate!)

I met Crystal this summer in Arkansas. We signed books together and she had me laughing the whole time. Her workshop had everybody LOL. Can't wait to finish her book.

Next up, coming at the end of the month: Can't wait to read THE HOUSE WITH CHICKEN LEGS. I don't know much about it, but I sure love that cover. Funny, no?

Speaking of Witness Protection (see above)... And funny.
Great line from a TV show that I wish would come back:

"I wanna figure you out myself. You're like a crossword puzzle with B.O."

                                        (Marshall to Bad Gang Guy, In Plain Sight)

An example of the kind of humor I like. A 4th grader made this for me when I visited his school. 
As he was explaining it, he had the whole class laughing.
He originally left out the L in Glory.  GORY BE.  
He decided it would make a great title.

Then he fixed it.

It's hard to explain what makes one person laugh and not the other, isn't it? 
But I'd love to know what books tickle your kids' funnybones.


Linda B said...

I love Ms Bixby's Last Day & you're right, despite the sadness, there are many funny moments. I'll look for that house with the chicken legs, too. And I don't know the Lions and Liars book, will put it on the list. Great post. There are those students who do want funny!

2Shaye ♪♫ said...

Your review of Witness Protection sounds quite exciting! I'm adding this one to my list, for sure. I hope you love Lions & Liars -- I did! It must be so fun when you already know the author, too! Thanks for all the shares, Augusta!

Rosi said...

I haven't read any of these, but some were already on my list, but my TBR list just got longer. I really admire people who can write funny. It's something I strive to do. Thanks for the post with all the good suggestions.

Cheriee Weichel said...

I loved the humour in this John David Anderson book, and maybe even more in Granted. (That dog just did me in!)

Michele Knott said...

How I loved Witness Protection! I want to know more about that family!!
I have Lions and Liars in my stack. I think my students will love it.... just want to read it first, ha!

GatheringBooks said...

Those look like great middle grade novels, thanks so much for sharing. We need more funny stories! :)