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Friday, May 22, 2009

Kids' Books- a Hopeful Note?

This was on my Publisher's Weekly email just now. Sounds like somebody's recognizing that kids' books may just rule the day. These are CEOs and VPs of Borders speaking-

The company has been "really underdeveloped in kids," and its share of families in "prime kids years" was low. By contrast, Barnes & Noble has established children's departments with story hours and special events. Expanded childrens' book sections will be rolled out to every Borders store within 90 days, Anne Kubek, Borders executive vice president of merchandising and marketing, said after the shareholders meeting. "It's a tremendous growth business for us."
Citing a competitive marketplace, Borders declined to say how many new children's and teen titles or what square footage it will add, but one refitted Ann Arbor store now has a 900-square foot teen department with signs saying "What your friends are reading" near a display of Twilight books, games, jewelry and T-shirts. Its children's section was divided into three sections: Baby and picture books, independent readers, and toys and games. Parenting and teacher books were nearby.
Borders plans to carry education games and toys and teaching devices as well as books, and will relocate young adults and teen books away from the baby and youth books, Kubek said. Teen books often will be positioned close to the manga and science fiction titles, since "teens cross shop those."

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