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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Introducing- Our New Ambassador!

Katherine Paterson was one of the first true stars of the children's book world I met as a librarian. She lived near my school and generously visited us twice. Once she had to cancel when she got the early morning call from the American Library Association that she'd won the Newbery and had to fly off for the announcement. She soon re-scheduled our visit, and it was pretty exciting to be a part of that celebratory season.

Although that was a while ago, each time I've seen her since, she's always been the same generous, bright, funny person you'd love to sit down and chat with over a cup of tea.

So the newspaper announcement this morning that she's the next National Ambassador for Young People's Literature just made my day. Be sure to click here for the article and read right to the end when she's asked "Don't you want to write for adults?" Her answer won't surprise children's authors one bit:

"...why would I want to write a book that would be remaindered in six weeks? My books have gone on and on, and my readers, if they love the book, they will read it and reread it. I have the best readers in the world.”

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