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Monday, May 23, 2011


 Hooray! Done!

At least I hope they are done. I've been working hard all week on copyedits for GLORY BE. (copyedits? copy edits?)

Here's a pictorial look at my week.

Day 1: I'm optimistic. I have taken over the dining room table. I will not be distracted. I have a neat work space. I'm putting pink stickie notes on places that need my attention. So far the genius copyeditor for Scholastic hasn't forced me into too many unwanted commas. (Okay a few...)
I'm even thinking she may have a Southern granny somewhere in her history. She's getting it!

Day 2: I will especially not be distracted by those binoculars on the side of my workspace. I don't care what kind of bird moseys up to my window...

Day 3: Wow, look at this. Ms. Fab Copyeditor has some questions about my Time Frame. Aha! I have June and July 1964 calendars. Chapters noted. Dates and times. Counting down to July 4, 1964, Glory's birthday.

Day 4: My workspace moved back into my office. (Messy desk, I know.)

I'm inspired by that picture frame that says WORDS-- a gift of a favorite student-- and the cute little girls inside it, and by my rock paperweight made for me by Molli. It says WRITE ON.

Day 5: More mess. But that pile of pink stickies grows smaller with each day that passes. (Note to copyeditor: PURE D is so a word. It's different from PURE... And lightning bugs LIGHT on your hand. They do not ALIGHT. Sorry, Mr. Webster.)

Copyeditor asks if it's really three blocks from the park to Glory's house. In chapter two, I said across the street. GRRRRRR.

This is the map I drew of Hanging Moss, Mississippi. (Don't laugh, Eileen...)

And yes, I corrected the manuscript. Now all the houses, the pool, the Courthouse, the football field are in the right place!

Day 6: I head to the only library in Pinellas County open on Sundays. I've spent a lot of time in quiet rooms at my local libraries this spring.

I do better there than at my neighborhood Starbucks. Though the green tea is nicer at Starbucks. If I don't get to the library early, I may have to share a table. I do not like sharing tables...

(Note the crumpled up Kleenexes and cough drop papers. A good way to be sure nobody tries to sit with me?)

I got a lot done yesterday at the library. Funny, nobody wanted to share my table.

This is the serene view from the big comfy chairs in the library that's open on Sundays. Lots of birds. A lake. Spanish moss.

I do not sit in the big comfy chairs. I sit by myself upstairs in a straight chair at a table facing empty metal shelves.

And that's how I was able to hit the send button this morning.



Barbara O'Connor said...

I love this!

Joyce Moyer Hostetter said...

Thanks for the cough drop and tissue trick. I am soooo remembering that one!

Love the blow by blow! Glad I am not the only one who has inconsistencies in my work.


kscatt13 said...


Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

Congrats on a fabulous job, Augusta!

I love seeing the pictures and hearing about your process.

Interesting that you had the actual manuscript and sticky notes . . . for my upcoming October book I was sent the copy edits electronically with her notes and then my editors notes and then my fixes and changes added - all in different colors with our initials so we could keep track of who did what and how I addressed the changes and questions they asked me.

Same publisher, different process. Hmm.

Carol Baldwin said...

Love the pictures, the pink sticky notes, the map, and the cough drops. Congratulations on being able to push send!

Augusta Scattergood said...

Joyce- I learned that trick from my daughter who flies Southwest a lot and occasionally doesn't want a seatmate!

Kimberley-I wish! Nope they sent it all electronically and I (obsessing) printed it all out, tacked on the stickies, went over it a zillion times on the computer, etc etc etc.

Sue LaNeve said...

It's 3 am. Finally had a chance to read this. I'm chuckling and it's 3 a.m.! I especially liked the comment about the big comfy chair. I'm a sucker for big comfy chairs. Maybe that's why I don't make much progress. Congrats on this huge next step. Glory B!