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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Scrivener, again...

Arranging words in Scrivener

I'm beginning (yet again) a new/ old project. Just writing that makes me realize why I love to write in Scrivener. There's only one way to tame a New/Old Project.

Here's what I love about Scrivener.

1. I like order (hey, I was a librarian for a long time, and a mostly organized person even before that). I like putting all my notes, research, chapters, thoughts in one place.  I'd dread delving into this if I didn't think Scrivener could tame the notebooks, notecards, ripped out newspaper articles, and false-start chapters I have.

2. One thing I love best about the software is how I can make document notes, all the words I've cut, all my wanderings and musings, right on the side of the chapter I'm writing. Yet, if they get unruly, I can make them disappear with one click.

3. If I mess up, all is not lost. If I remember to take a SNAPSHOT of the previous version, it is there for the asking later.

This morning I followed a link from Facebook and stumbled on this, from a thesis writer.
To to read the entire blog, click here.

Her blogpost is titled Is Your Computer Domesticating You?

It’s hard to be messy in a clean way
As I write I have ideas – some of them don’t relate to the bit I am writing at that specific moment, so I often ‘jot notes’ on my documents as I go. At the moment I use the comments function in Word to do this, which makes my documents look messy. In fact, so messy that I often turn the comments off just so I can see what I am doing.
But – out of sight is out of mind and the ideas can easily get lost when they are invisible. In addition, the format of the comments is uncomfortable to read. By contrast each of the Scrivener fragments I write has metadata attached to it where I can jot to my heart’s content.

My thoughts exactly.

And that cute little button at the top of this blog? Arranging words is a nice thought. But that's not all it takes. I've arranged these new/old words before. This time, I need all the help I can get- Scrivener is just the beginning, but what an excellent place to re-start.

Now, back to work- all of us!

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Barbara O'Connor said...

I love Scrivener, too!!!! For all the same reasons and probably more.

Carol Baldwin said...

something to look forward to in my "next book."

Carol Baldwin said...

something to look forward to learning for my next my book! Glad to hear you're on to a new project.

Augusta Scattergood said...

Of course, the danger is that Scrivener makes me feel so organized and I get distracted by all the goodies that I forget how to write.
Now, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

Michelle Freiberger-Brown said...

I love Scrivener, it is a writer's dream.

I'll be looking for your book in 2012. My daughter is an avid reader and we are always on the look out for new books to read!

Anonymous said...

I love scrivener as well. Back in the day when I tried to write in Word the document became so crazy. Being able to have scenes, yet still be able to make global changes has been a lifesaver. That corkboard...sigh. LOVE it!

I haven't used the notes function as often as I should--good reminder!

Joyce Moyer Hostetter said...

I keep going back and forth on Scrivener. My biggest issue is I am using the Beta version for windows and my page has a live quality to it. It jumps around while I work.

Is this normal and probably because I'm using Beta?

Augusta Scattergood said...

Thanks, everyone for your comments. And thanks to David for posting the link on Facebook and sending all of you my way.
Joyce, if you have a problem, you'd be amazed how quickly David at Literature and Latte answers your email. I don't know anything about the Windows version, but I'm sure he'd be happy to help. It doesn't sound "normal" to me!