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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Just another ordinary day...

(I wish!)

Lunch with my editor today, a special treat. I got there early and popped in the Scholastic bookstore downstairs. Kids everywhere! Loving the books!
Now keep in mind, I'm trying to be Cool Author Lady. Not starstruck tourist.

But it does kind of take your breath away.

First stop? I'm drooling over Brian Selznick's new fabulous book, WONDERSTRUCK --smack dab in front. Which by the way I'm totally dying to read.

(Sorry about the photos. As I said above, trying to be C.A.L. and didn't want to be so obvious in my photo-snapping.)

Then I moseyed over to another enticing shelf. All sorts of familiar faces and names on these books.

Yep! There you are Kimberley! Front and center!

And then I had to pinch myself. Will my very own book be in the S section come January?!
Swooned all the way upstairs. Awestruck, starstruck, AND Thunderstruck.


Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

What an amazing place Scholastic is! I SO dream of going there! How great that you get to meet up with your editor so often, too. Someday . . . me too! Someday WE should MEET there! When you meet your editor is it just the two of you or is there a group? I'll bet you're really getting to know her! :-)Thank you for the mentions, you are the best! (Lisa gets back on Monday! Still haven't finished writing my book. Launching has been insane the past two weeks.)

Joyce Moyer Hostetter said...

Lots to be thunderstruck about!

Anonymous said...

Those Scholastic folks know how to do it up right. And of course you and Glory will be stars!