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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Movie Time

I'm so honored by the support Scholastic has given my book, GLORY BE. These snippets of upcoming books were created for librarians, which makes them even more special to me.

(Click here to go there.)   That's me on the Middle Grade tab, not too far into the clip.

Note the carefully arranged backdrop.  (Except for the view of my kitchen through the open door. Whoops.) The fig my friend Marge gave me. The books I was reviewing at the time.

 And I loved sharing one treasure from my Junk Poker box: wallpaper from Elvis's house. Details shall remain secret but I unearthed the wallpaper from a scrapbook buried deep into an old footlocker. Thank you, sophomore college roommate Lyn Martin, who lived in Tupelo.

Also inside this box is a real skate key- courtesy of Christine and Jane. And postcards and crackerjack prizes from Glory's secret life as a gambler.

Dreaming up things that Glory and her big sister Jesslyn kept in their boxes was a special way of creating their personalities.

What tricks do you have for seeing your characters as real people?
What's in your character's special box?


Mary Ann said...

My husband was VP Labor Relations for 12 years for Brown Shoe Company, the company that made Buster Brown shoes. Just thought you might like that little tidbit

Augusta Scattergood said...

So. Mary Ann. Should I need an extra Buster Brown shoebox, I'll know the go-to guy?