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Friday, December 2, 2011

Every day's my birthday!

Or at least it seems so. In a good way, like when you were a kid and the packages kept coming. 

This is the latest doorstep treat my friend the UPS guy just left.

Gorgeous bookmarks, designed by my artist friend Eileen Harrell!

And here's the back, with a quote from GLORY BE and a mimosa bloom. Mimosas kept cropping up on my pages. Maybe it was the big mimosa tree we climbed in my childhood side yard. 

I couldn't resist putting Glory and her friend Frankie under that tree a few times.

Thank you, Eileen! 
And if anybody needs some amazingly designed bookmarks, I know just who to ask.

(Not actual size, and photography by moi does not do these justice. I will be happy to send a few to any of you. Just send your mailing address to me via facebook message, or scroll down to the "contact me" button on this blog, found on the right side.)


Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

They're BEAUTIFUL!!!! Isn't it fun getting things in the mail? It does feel like your birthday every day! And there's more to come . . . :-)

Pragmaticmom said...

I love your bookmarks!!! What fun!

Carol Baldwin said...

If you decide to sent out bookmarks, my address is:
6764 Benning Wood Drive
Charlotte, NC 28270

I'll pass them along to my librarian friends.

Carol Baldwin said...

ps. sign them too!