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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Shopping for Writers

 Sharing my favorite Gifts for Writers today.
 (Keep in mind that this blog is not written by a shopper, a crafter or even much of a cook these days.)

 If that last person on your shopping list falls into a category considered Creative--  Friend or Family-- check this out. 

Starting with one of my favorite things. Previously blogged about as Things I Love So Much.

This wristlet can be made in the image of almost anything. (Maybe not in time for Christmas, but think ahead!)

My friend Leslie also has one for her forthcoming book:

Both are from this website:

Neat, no?

 Or if you are really feeling generous and have something to celebrate, how about a CAKE made from the cover image of your/ your friend's book. Wow, will this ever impress!

(Yes, that's a cake. A delicious cake. Thanks again, Kate.)

How about this tee-shirt? All sorts of neat things in the Signals catalog. Click here for Writerly stuff.

And here I am, wearing mine, after a long morning of critiquing with some of my Writing Buddies at Panera. It was chilly in there. We worked hard. We deserve gifts. (Thanks, Henry and Celia!)

And last, if you really want to get creative. Here's my niece's take on the little red towels I tucked into her Christmas box:

Which is about how I was feeling when I sent off my last box of goodies into Santaland yesterday.

But of course, here's what I really and truly meant:

Happy reading/writing/shopping/ celebrating to all!

(Any other book or writer-related gift ideas? Leave me a message and I'll expand this post.)

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Mary Celeste said...

For any 'redoux' on this topic, a couple places that have some excellent gifts for writers:
1 - Imagination Tree - - for writer's gift sets, lap desk writing sets, and writing journals.
2 - 16 Sparrows - - for those writers who still appreciate the fine art of paper letter writing.