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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Glory Be is out there!

Look what turned up early this morning.

Besides saying really nice things that will be forever engraved on the back of my book, now I get front and center on Barbara O'Connor's blog. 

Since she writes some of the most amazing books, well-loved by kids, this is high praise:

Glory Be by Augusta Scattergood is Southern through and through.   But so much more:
an important story about race, friendships, small town life, and sisterly love.

Plus a great big picture of the book for all her loyal followers to see. Eternal gratitude!


Barbara O'Connor said...

Just tellin' the truth. :-)

Caroline Starr Rose said...

A little birdie told me you'll also be featured over at the Project Middle Grade Mayhem blog on Wednesday, 28 December...

PragmaticMom said...

I'm blogging on Glory Be on MLK's day! I'm doing at Top 10: Civil Rights KidLit post (still to be named!).

Augusta Scattergood said...

Thanks, everybody.
Caroline, I was delighted to be on that terrific list. And I'll be looking for your post also, Pragmatic Mom.
Really appreciate this. Really.