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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Another Homecoming!

Truly, is there anything better than returning to one of the places you love most to be surrounded by Book Love? We lived in Baltimore for ten great years. I still think of it right up there with Mississippi as "home."

Yesterday a whole bunch of my friends showed up to listen to me carry on about my book and eat some really great Southern food. I signed many books, and we reminisced.

It helped that one of the hostesses had just returned from Memphis. She brought Elvis and propped him in front of my Junk Poker box, which has a very strong Elvis connection. And check out the name of the honey, nestled close to Elvis. (Okay, not THAT kind of honey. It was a party for a kids' book, for Pete's sake...)

The table.
My Mississippi transplant friend served as food consultant. We posed behind the fabulous table. We are blurry, yes, but the table was gorgeous.

Someone I hadn't seen since we worked together at Bryn Mawr School brought pink tulips. How could she have guessed the thing I miss most in Florida is spring flowers? Beautiful!

On my bedside table? Lilies of the Valley.
A French May Day tradition. (☜☜Click to read all about it!)

La FĂȘte du Muguet (Lily of the Valley Day)

Good luck for the entire year!

Here we are. Great friends for a very long time.

(The flowers on the mantle?  Magnifique! Sorry we are hiding them...)


Barbara O'Connor said...

Such lovely friends!

Shannon Hitchcock said...

If the food was as good as the table looks, then it was quite the soiree!

millamant said...

So great to have you back in Baltimore, Gusty! It was wonderful to catch up with you.