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Monday, May 7, 2012

One More School: My day in pictures...

And what a fun day it was!

If Baltimore felt like coming home, Roland Park Country School felt like a friendly neighbor.

Having been the Lower School librarian just down the road a piece for quite a few years, side by side with my friend Barrie, now director of the RPCS Lower School, I was right at home.

I think they scheduled the fire drill just for me.

We had those with alarming frequency in a school where I once worked. All false, thankfully.
(All kind of fun except on freezing days and the one time it went off during Grandparents Day...)

The girls were so enthusiastic about my book. Third and fourth graders before lunch.

Fifth graders later. They were in the middle of a Civil Rights study and knew so much. Great questions!

Big discussion over the two different cover images on the book jacket. Many had purchased GLORY BE through their Scholastic Book Club. Others had the original.

 We took a vote. Silhouette vs. photo image? Results split down the middle. 

I asked if they knew what a silhouette was. Hands shot up. Of course they knew! 

This project is on the hall bulletin board, right outside the library.

Fantastic librarian. Smart kids. Old and new friends. 
And the librarian took this last shot of me and my "biggest fan." 
She loved the book! What a great day.
Thank you, Roland Park Country, Beverly and Barrie, and all those enthusiastic readers.

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